About EcoVocal

About EcoVocal

We are Taking Small Steps to Make Earth A Better Planet

Ecovocal Solutions is a private limited company with the key stakeholders having interest and experience in natural resource management, sustainable management of waste - especially converting waste to wealth - renewable energy and several other development interventions, both in urban and rural areas.

Vision of EcoVocal

Our Vision

We at EcoVocal Solutions envision a development paradigm built upon the tenets of sustainability. We are committed to sustainable development and maintaining ethical standards in all our activities.

Mission of EcoVocal

Our Mission

We aspire to transfer our knowledge resource and package of practices to the stakeholders in development to achieve the greater goal of sustainable development. Our mission is to contribute towards a development milieu which 'meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs'.

Our Support

We can undertake research for you, develop plans, unique solutions to problems with focus on sustainability, prepare documents, build capacities and provide end-to-end support to innovative initiatives in development without adversely affecting the environment.

Services we offer

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