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We’re providing sustainable solutions on life and livelihood

EcoVocal Solutions is a private limited company with the key stakeholders having interest and experience in natural resource management, converting waste to wealth through sustainable management, experimenting with renewable energy and several other development interventions, both in urban and rural areas. Capacity building, research, communication and documentation are major areas of expertise. The company aims at providing sustainable solutions to the clients in the government, national and international NGOs, local bodies, business entities and the communities on issues impacting lives and livelihoods, including natural resource management, managing waste, enhancing livelihood opportunities of the people, developing renewable energy resources, promoting community-based solutions in healthcare, nutrition, education and mother and child health, reducing gender disparities and other forms of inequalities, building capacities, providing exposure to the clients and documenting best practices.

About Ecovocal

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Vision & Mission

We at EcoVocal Solutions envision a development paradigm built upon the tenets of sustainability. We are committed to sustainable development and maintaining ethical standards in all our activities.

We aspire to transfer our knowledge resource and package of practices to the stakeholders in development to achieve the greater goal of sustainable development. Our mission is to contribute towards a development milieu which ‘meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’.


We can undertake research for you, develop plans, provide unique solutions to problems with focus on sustainability, prepare documents, build capacities and provide end-to-end support to innovative initiatives in development without adversely affecting the environment.

The Drivers

Dibyendu Sarkar

Dibyendu Sarkar

Managing Director

Dibyendu has an experience of 35 years in the government sector. Retired as a Secretary to the Government of West Bengal, he is driven by a strong passion to excel in every sphere of his activities. He has an urge to innovate and offer implementable solutions to the problems that the people face. This drive for offering workable solutions is his USP. A communication person per excellence, Dibyendu has also worked with UNICEF in its Communication for Development (C4D) vertical. During his career with the government, he gained experience in both rural and urban sectors, in communication and capacity building, in programme implementation and monitoring. He moves effortlessly in several branches of development. His areas of interest are livelihoods, water and sanitation, environment-sensitive farming practices, gender, child rights, documentation and research, capacity building and several other areas.

Soham Sarkar

Soham Sarkar


Passionate about photography and adventure and strong with lens and pen, Soham visualises the realities of the development world through his lens and presents the stories of the stakeholders with an adroit touch of his pen. A book-maker by profession, Soham brings to the Company his skill in lateral thinking and thereby helps in projectisation.

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