Solid waste management

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Solid waste management

In the sphere of solid waste management challenges are many, often different in urban and rural areas. In urban areas, the lifestyle of the citizens results in the generation of higher quantities of waste as well as more waste types that are difficult to dispose of. In rural areas, on the other hand, the quantum of waste generated is less, thereby making it difficult to provide self-sustaining solutions. However, irrespective of the location, the strongest challenge in solid waste management is segregation at the source. Till the culture of source segregation is established and that practice by the households and other waste generators is followed by a vibrant system of the quick collection of waste from the doorsteps, if necessary multiple times a day, waste management cannot be turned into a self-sustaining and revenue-generating proposition. Along with this system of segregation at source, quick collection, secondary segregation and using biodegradable waste for the production of compost one need to levy and collect user charges for a viable solution to the problem.

Solid waste management in rural areas

EcoVocal Solutions, having properly trained human resources provides services to the governments and the local bodies in the following areas of solid waste management:

  • Preparing an outline plan and detailed project reports for comprehensive management of solid waste in the entire gram panchayat/ municipality/ municipal corporation area
  • Providing facilitative support to the concerned local body in waste management including end-to-end solutions in the public-private partnership mode
  • Provide marketing linkages to the organic compost prepared by using the bio-degradable waste
  • Providing bio-methanation solutions for converting waste to energy (GOBAR-DHAN in India)
    Providing value-added services to the initiatives in developing handicrafts from non-biodegradable waste products
  • Facilitating preparation of the waste management action plan for the states and the districts covering all types of waste
  • Capacity building support to the project staff at every level, from the policymakers to the field level support staff
  • Designing and delivering an all comprehensive social and behaviour change communication for appropriate hygiene practices including the three-Rs of waste management

Solid waste management in urban areas

For the urban sector, the challenges are different and often need machine-based solutions. EcoVocal would tie up with the larger players in urban legacy and fresh waste management and bring about the solutions to the municipalities and municipal corporations. We work on preparation of micro-plan on source segregation of municipal solid waste and providing mentoring support to local supervisors and other field level workers in implementation of the plan. We would also support the urban local bodies in its efforts to comply with the directions of the Governments and the Courts, including the National Green Tribunal.